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Date Company Name Ticker Analyst
2017 09 08 Cartier Resources Inc. “Quiet” Abitibi Explorer Poised to Make Noise with Four Active Projects ECR-V Don Blyth
2017 09 07 NanoXplore Inc. Unlocks Key to Commercializing Graphene GRA-V J. Marvin Wolff
2017 08 24 Aguia Resources Ltd. Strategic Phosphate Mining in Southern Brazil AGRL-T David Davidson
2017 07 11 Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. Mine Development Pioneer in Ecuador CGP-T David Davidson
2017 07 05 SolGold Plc Uncovering A Behemoth In Ecuador SOLG-L David Davidson
2017 05 30 Critical Elements Corp. Up-and-Coming French-Canadian Lithium CRE-T David Davidson
2017 05 26 INV Metals Inc. Loma Larga — Quality Project, Excellent Value INV-T Don MacLean
2017 04 26 High Arctic Energy Services Inc. Stability in PNG Fosters Growth in Canada HWO-T Jason Tucker
2017 04 11 NGEx Resources Inc. Mountains of Copper NGQ-T David Davidson
2017 03 07 Park Lawn Corp. Till Death Do Us Part PLC-T Corey Hammill
2017 03 02 Equity Financial Holdings Inc. A Growing Book EQI-T Corey Hammill
2017 02 24 Kinaxis Inc.The Best Is Yet To Come KXS-T Kevin Krishnaratne
2017 02 06 Exeter Resource Corp. Converging Developments at CaspicheXRC-T Don MacLean
2017 01 18 Erdene Resource Development Corp. Potential Major Gold Discovery in MongoliaERD-T Don MacLean
2017 01 13 Corsa Coal Corp. Rising From The Ashes (Coal That Is)CSO-T David Davidson
2016 12 12 Orla Mining Ltd. Good People, Good Strategy, Good Rocks - An Opportunity to Get in on the Ground FloorORL-V Don MacLean
2016 12 07 Siyata Mobile Inc. Disrupting Massive MarketsSIM-V Daniel Kim
2016 11 18 AuRico Metals Inc. A Royalty Company with Significant OptionalityAMI-T Lauren McConnell
2016 11 08 IDM Mining Ltd. This Red Mountain Has A Golden CoreIDM-V Don Blyth
2016 11 01 Orbit Garant Drilling Inc. Innovation Key to Survival = SuccessOGD-T David Davidson
2016 09 22 Geodrill Ltd. Key to Success: FocusGEO-T David Davidson
2016 09 12 TSO3 Inc. The New Standard in Low Temp SterilizationTOS-T Christopher Lam
2016 09 01 Marathon Gold Corp. A High Quality Canadian Exploration PlayMOZ-T Don MacLean
2016 08 30 Algold Resources Ltd. Searching for the Next TasiastALG-V Don Blyth
2016 08 23 Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. Two Years Old, and Already a Major Player in the Royalty SpaceOR-T Don Blyth
2016 07 14 Mason Graphite Inc. Ride the Giga Wave with a Premium Graphite PlayLLG-V J. Marvin Wolff
2016 07 07 Calibre Mining Corp. Strong Exploration Projects, Partners & BackersCXB-T Don MacLean
2016 06 13 NuVista Energy Ltd. Highly Sustainable, Waiting to Turn Up the GrowthNVA-T Ian Macqueen
2016 05 25 Eastmain Resources Inc. Eastmain Equals Exploration ExcitementER-T Don Blyth
2016 05 24 Brick Brewing Co. Ltd. Crafting SuccessBRB-T Corey Hammill
2016 04 14 Shopify Inc. Enabling-CommerceSHOP-Q Kevin Krishnaratne
2016 04 11 Seven Generations Energy Ltd. Causing a Big Sensation - Talkin' 'Bout 7GenVII-T Ian Macqueen
2016 04 11 D-Wave Systems Inc. Resistance Is Futile Daniel Kim
2016 04 06 NexGen Energy Ltd. Arrow — Shifting the Balance to the WestNXE-T David Davidson
2016 04 05 exactEarth Ltd. Unrivaled AssetsXCT-T Daniel Kim
2016 03 14 Snipp Interactive Inc. Bridging the Brand-to-Consumer GapSPN-V Kevin Krishnaratne
2016 03 10 Knight Therapeutics Inc. Specialty Pharma Double HeaderGUD-T Christopher Lam
2016 02 29 Dealnet Capital Corp. Scalable UpsideDLS-V Corey Hammill
2016 01 19 Absolute Software Corp. Foundation for GrowthABT-T Kevin Krishnaratne
2016 01 07 Primero Mining Corp. Compelling Risk/Reward OpportunityP-T Lauren McConnell
2015 12 21 Klondex Mines Ltd. “Four G” Winner: Grade, Growth, Geology and GeopoliticsKDX-T Don Blyth
2015 12 10 Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. Leveraging LearningBPL-V Spencer Churchill
2015 12 02 TIO Networks Corp. Banking on LeverageTNC-V Kevin Krishnaratne
2015 10 05 Axia NetMedia Corp. Leveraged to Broadband Growth ProspectsAXX-T Kevin Krishnaratne
2015 09 15 Richmont Mines Inc. Island Gold Deep – Just How Transformational? VeryRIC-T Don Blyth
2015 07 16 Eagle Energy Trust Migrating to Canada – A Bird You Can TrustEGL.UN-T Ian Macqueen
2015 07 16 Firan Technology Group Corp. Think Inside The BoxFTG-T Daniel Kim
2015 07 08 Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. This Rising Team Lifts All BoatsTWM-V Jason Tucker
2015 06 18 Smart Employee Benefits, Inc. Disruptive Technology in Health Benefits ProcessingSEB-T Christopher Lam
2015 06 08 Heron Resources Ltd. Greener Grass at WoodlawnHER-T Jeff Woolley
2015 04 22 Platino Energy Corp. Proven Team Back in the LanosPZE-T Ian Macqueen
2015 04 15 Claude Resources Inc. Claude Version 2.0 — High Grade, Cash Flowing, ProfitableCRJ-T Don Blyth
2015 04 08 Blackbird Energy Inc. Early Stage Montney PlayerBBI-T Ken Lin
2015 03 25 AcuityAds Holdings Inc. Ad-ing Intelligence to Big DataAT-V Spencer Churchill
2015 03 24 Lundin Gold Corp. An Excellent Opportunity to Get in on the Ground FloorLUG-T Don MacLean
2015 01 15 Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits, Inc. Consolidating Canada’s Growing Wine IndustryDWS-T Corey Hammill
2014-12-18 Mapan Energy Ltd. Deep Basin, Deep Value – Sustainable Gas Producer on SaleMPG-V Ian Macqueen
2014-11-25 Terra Firma Capital Corporation Equity Upside with Debt DownsideTII-V Corey Hammill
2014-11-24 Diversified Royalty Corp. Buffet of Growth, with a Side of YieldDIV-T Spencer Churchill
2014-10-24 Arsenal Energy Inc.Fully Loaded with Princess Detrital UpsideAEI-T Ian Macqueen
2014-10-03 ViXS Systems Inc.Ahead of the CurveVXS-T Daniel Kim
2014-09-10 Canamax Energy Ltd.Microcap ConsolidatorCAC-T Ken Lin
2014-09-05 Ceiba Energy Services Inc.One Man’s Waste is Another Man’s TreasureCEB-T Jason Tucker
2014-08-20 Alvopetro Energy Ltd.Gomo Turbidites; A Free Option with Huge PotentialALV-T Ian Macqueen
2014-08-07 Gold Sector The Revival of the Takeover 20 (ish)(CGJ, CMM, FVL, ICG, MAX, OBS, SEA) Don MacLean
2014-07-22 Tecsys Inc. Bringing Order to ChaosTCS-T Gabriel Leung
2014-07-10 Reservoir Minerals Inc. A Spectacular Discovery in One of Europe’s Oldest Mining DistrictsRMC-T David Davidson
2014-06-06 Touchstone Exploration Inc. Resuming Coverage; Well Positioned to Reduce Value GapTXP-T Ian Macqueen
2014-06-05 Curis Resources Ltd A Low-Cost, Unconventional Copper PlayCUV-T Jeff Woolley
2014-06-02 Sirius Resources Seriously Good Nickel PlaySIR-AU Santo Ranieri
2014-05-30 Boulevard Industrial REIT The Path of Lease ResistanceBVD.UT-T Corey Hammill
2014-05-20 DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. Kicking Up a DIRTT StormDRT-T Spencer Churchill
2014-04-17 ProntoForms Corporation Emerging Leader in a Compelling Growth MarketPFM-V Gabriel Leung
2014-04-17 Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. The Hot Hand of Robert FriedlandIVN-T David Davidson
2014-04-14 TransGlobe Energy Corp. Modern Exploration in Ancient Egypt; Quest for Black GoldTGL-T Ian Macqueen
2014-04-14 Caracal Energy Inc. The Cat’s MeowCRCL-LON Ian Macqueen
2014-04-08 Orezone Gold Corp. Déjà Vu: Orezone Team Advancing Deposit to DevelopmentORE-T Don Blyth
2014-03-31 Avante Logixx Inc.Securing a Path to GrowthXX-T Spencer Churchill
2014-03-03 RDM CorporationUndervalued SaaS Play with Compelling CatalystsRC-T Gabriel Leung
2014-02-27 Temple Hotels Inc.A Sleeper PickTPH-T Corey Hammill
2014-02-25 DiaMedica Inc.Developing a Diabetes Pipeline Worthy of Take-OutDMA-T Alan Ridgeway
2014-02-19 Petroamerica Oil Corp.Strong Cash Flow to Fund the Next Growth LegPTA-T Ian Macqueen
2014-02-18 PolyMet Mining Corp.A Watershed Moment on the HorizonPOM-T Santo Ranieri
2014-02-04 Canadian Zinc Corp.A Base Metal Company with a Silver SpoonCZN-T Jeff Woolley
2014-02-03 Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. Currently More Downside Risk than Upside OpportunityPRE-T Ian Macqueen
2014-01-29 Gear Energy Ltd. Geared Up and Ready to GoGXE-T Ken Lin
2014-01-13 Baylin Technologies Inc. King’s PartnerBYL-T Daniel Kim
2014-01-06 Parex Resources Inc. Conservative Budget Shows Free Cash Flow and 15% Y/Y GrowthPXT-T Ian Macqueen
2013-11-26 Gran Tierra Resuming Coverage; Material Catalysts on the HorizonGTE-T Ian Macqueen
2013-11-11 Tree Island Steel Ltd. Nailing Down the FutureTSL-T Corey Hammill
2013-11-06 Opsens Inc. - Medical Device Opportunity Likely Being OverlookedOPS-T Alan Ridgeway
2013-10-28 Input Capital Corp. - Canola: The New Shiny StreamINP-T Spencer Churchill
2013-10-23 Wi2Wi Corporation - Wi or Why NotYTY-V Daniel Kim
2013-09-16 Yangarra Resources Ltd. - Junior Multi‐Zone Oil‐Focused ProducerYGR-V Ken Lin
2013-09-09 LGX Oil + Gas Inc. - Junior Light Oil Exploration Company Focused on AB BakkenOIL-V Ken Lin
2013-08-26 Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. - A Pathway to LNGPPY-T Ken Lin
2013-08-07 Agrium Inc. - A Bridge Over Troubled WatersAGU-N Spencer Churchill
2013-07-08 Loyalist Group Ltd. - Recession-Proof Business with Compelling Growth LeversLOY-V Gabriel Leung
2013-06-27 Macro Enterprises Inc. - We Don’t Like Pipeliners (But You Should Own this One)MCR-V John Bereznicki
2013-06-25 NeuLion, Inc. - Delivering Your Interactive Video Content 24/7NLN-T Gabriel Leung
2013-06-11 Mega Precious Metals Inc. - Mega-Ounce PotentialMGP-V Lauren McConnell
2013-06-10 Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corp. - An Investment in AgingTRL-T Alan Ridgeway
2013-05-23 Allana Potash Corp. - A Potash OasisAAA-T Spencer Churchill
2013-05-21 Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. - Vaporizing MetalSEV-V Daniel Kim
2013-05-08 Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. - As “Steen” from Outer SpaceSOG-T Ken Lin
2013-05-01 Surge Energy Inc. - Surging Undervalued Light Oil-Weighted IntermediateSGY-T Ken Lin
2013-04-23 Kelt Exploration Ltd. - Spin-Off to New HeightsKEL-T Ken Lin
2013-03-19 Essential Energy Services Ltd. - Essentially a Play on Horizontal OilESN-T John Bereznicki
2013-03-11 BlackPearl Resources Inc. - Top-Tier Heavy Oil and Oil Sands ProducerPXX-T Ken Lin
2013-03-11 IMX Resources Inc. - It's All Ntaka Hill from Here!IXR-T Santo Ranieri
2013-02-12 Prometic Life Sciences Inc. - Forget What You Think You Know, It’s Time for a Fresh LookPLI-T Alan Ridgeway
2013-02-07 Sierra Wireless - Purely Telemetry SW-T Daniel Kim
2013-02-05 Moneta Porcupine - An Elephant-Sized Porcupine Spotted Near TimminsME-T Don Blyth
2013-01-21 Stonegate Agricom Ltd.- The Gates Are Open ST-T Spencer Churchill
2012-12-03 Dundee Precious Metals Inc.- Earning Its Stripes with Growth, Risk Reduction DPM-T Don MacLean
2012-11-26 BSM Technologies Inc.- Building a Growing and Profitable Niche for ItselfGPS-V Gabriel Leung
2012-11-21 Brigus Gold Corp.- Black and Grey Provide a Colourful FutureBRD-T Don Blyth
2012-11-05 Tricon Capital Group- A Unique Investment in the U.S. Housing RecoveryTCN-T Corey Hammill
2012-10-30 Long Run Exploration Ltd.- Launching Coverage on New EntityLRE-T Ken Lin
2012-10-23 Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd.- Boldly Going Where No Streaming Company Has Gone Before SND-V David Davidson
2012-09-28 Pine Cliff Energy Ltd.- The Carrot to Draw You In: Built on a Strong Heritage PNE-T Ken Lin
2012-09-27 Petrowest Corp.- Turnaround Play on Western Canadian GrowthPRW-T John Bereznicki
2012-09-24 IC Potash Corp.- SOP-thing Special in the WorksICP-T Spencer Churchill
2012-09-24 Medworxx Solutions Inc.- Bringing Order to Acute Care ChaosMWX-V Gabriel Leung
2012-09-11 Donnycreek Energy Inc.- Liquids-Rich Montney Exposure in a Small-Cap VehicleDCK-V Lyndon Dunkley
2012-09-11 01 Communique - Back On Track ONE-T Daniel Kim
2012-07-26 Spartan Oil Corp.- Déjà Vu in the Cardium STO-T Daniel Choi
2012-07-06 First Bauxite Corporation- A Niche Market FBX-V Santo Ranieri
2012-07-06 Reunion Gold - Don't Let the Company Name Fool You!RGD-V Santo Ranieri
2012-07-05 ENTREC Corporation- Add Some Oil Sands Lift (and Haul) to Your Portfolio ENT-T John Bereznicki
2012-06-25 Rio Verde Minerals Development Corp.- All Cashed Up and Ready to Rock RVD-T Spencer Churchill
2012-06-25 Verde Potash PLC - Brazilian Potash Star in the Making NPK-T Spencer Churchill
2012-06-25 MBAC Fertilizer Corp. - Top of its Class MBC-T Spencer Churchill
2012-06-25 Automated Benefits Corp. - Trailblazing with Farmers AUT-V Gabriel Leung
2012-06-12 Rathdowney Resources Ltd. - Pole Position RTH-V David Davidson
2012-06-08 COM DEV - Live Long and Prosper CDV-T Daniel Kim
2012-05-29 Charger Energy Inc. - Alberta Viking Oil Player CHX-V Ken Lin
2012-05-11 Wi-LAN - Unwarranted Canadian Discount WIN-T Daniel Kim
2012-05-07 Aldridge Minerals Inc. - Talk Turkey AGM-V Jeff Woolley
2012-05-02 Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. - Canada’s Four-Season Playground WB-T Corey Hammill
2012-04-24 Elgin Mining Inc. - Merger Adds Current Production to Lupin Re-start Concept ELG-V Don Blyth
2012-04-12 Guide Exploration Ltd. - Leading the Way to an Oilier Future GO-T Ken Lin
2012-04-10 Castle Resources Inc. - Grade Is the King of this Castle CRI-V David Davidson
2012-03-26 Merus Labs International Inc. - Solid Strategy + Strong Management = New Opportunity MSL-T Alan Ridgeway
2012-03-21 Potash Corp. - Cream of the Crop POT-T Spencer Churchill
2012-03-16 Raging River - Follow the River to a Sea of Opportunity RRX-V Lyndon Dunkley
2012-03-12 Cline Mining Corp. - Production Inclined CMK-T Santo Ranieri
2012-03-07 Cardero Resource Corp. - Metallurgical Coal is "in the Cards" CDU-T Santo Ranieri
2012-03-06 Luna Gold Corp. - Transformational Resource Improvement LGC-V Don MacLean
2012-02-13 Bauer Performance Sports Ltd - A Growth Hat-trick BAU-T Corey Hammill
2012-02-10 Calfrac Well Services Ltd. - Enabling the Resource Revolution CFW-T John Bereznicki
2011-12-14 North American Tungsten Corp. Ltd. - Mactung Baby NTC-V Santo Ranieri
2011-11-29 Mercator Minerals Ltd - Emerging Mid-Tier Producer Poised for a Re-Rating ML-T Jeff Woolley
2011-11-22 Longreach Oil & Gas - Here’s Looking at You Kid LOI-V Lyndon Dunkley
2011-11-08 Dunav Resources Ltd. - Do Have -- Exploration Potential DNV-V Don MacLean
2011-10-14 01 Communique Laboratory - ONE for the Money ONE-T Barry Richards
2011-10-12 Ag Growth International Inc. - A Yield(s) Play AFN-T Spencer Churchill
2011-10-07 Mawson West Ltd. - Awesome Mawson MWE-T David Davidson
2011-09-30 Klondex Mines Ltd. - Fire Sale Valuation at Fire Creek KDX-T Jon Case
2011-09-22 Palliser Oil & Gas - Good Lloyd, That’s Heavy! PXL-V Ken Lin
2011-09-20 Crocotta Energy Inc. - I Can See Clearly Now – Bluesky Potential CTA-T Ken Lin
2011-09-07 Touchstone Exploration Inc. - Exploiting Large Resource Potential in Trinidad TAB-V Mark Heim
2011-09-06 Nordion Inc. - Leveraging Nuclear Expertise to Address Healthcare Needs NDZ-N; NDN-T Alan Ridgeway
2011-07-11 Horizonte Minerals - A Golden Opportunity in Brazilian Nickel! HZM-T; HZM-L Santo Ranieri
2011-06-29 Trevali Mining Corporation - Think Zinc, Think Trevali TV-T Jeff Woolley
2011-06-21 Bellatrix Ecploration - A Growing Unconventional Resource Player BXE-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Bonterra Energy Corp - Premier Cardium Player
BNE-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Celtic Exploration Limited - Premier Liquids-Rich Natural Gas Producer CLT-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Cequence Energy Limited - Simon Says Multi-Zone Liquids-Rich Natural Gas Potential CQE-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Daylight Energy Limited - Dividend Paying Cardium & Deep Basin Resource Player DAY-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Hyperion Exploration - Emerging Cardium Oil Resource Junior HYX-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Legacy Oil and Gas - Resource, Resource and More Resource LEG-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Rock Energy - Rock Bottom Valuation RE-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Second Wave - At the Forefront of a Beaverhill Lake and Pekisko Oil Resource Trend SCS-T Ken Lin
2011-06-21 Twin Butte Energy - Heavy Oil Cash Flow Generator with Emerging Resource Upside TBE-T Ken Lin
2011-06-17 Talison Lithium Limited - Lots of Green in These Bushes TLH-T David Davidson
2011-06-08 Bombardier Inc. - Steak and The C-izzle BBD'B-T Gabriel Leung
2011-05-24 Silver Quest Resources Ltd. - A Strategic Partnership SQI-V Don MacLean
2011-05-19 Prodigy Gold - Magino — A New Concept on a Historic Mine PDG-V Jon Case
2011-05-18 Nevsun Resources Ltd. - Eritrea's First New Sun Is Rising NSU-T David Davidson
2011-05-03 Erdene Resource Development Corp. - Donkin Coking Coal — Location, Location, Location! ERD-T Santo Ranieri
2011-05-03 CanElson Drilling Inc. - Right Team, Right Time, Right Rigs CDI-V John Bereznicki
2011-04-26 Chorus Aviation - No Headwind for this Yield Play CHR.B-T Corey Hammill
2011-04-18 Azumah Resources Ltd. - Moving up a Weight Class AZM-A Jon Case
2011-04-18 Revolution Resources Corp. - At the Forefront of the North Carolina Gold Rush RV-T Don Blyth
2011-04-05 Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. - Big Company Experience in a Small Company Entity TVE-V Lyndon Dunkley
2011-04-04 Richfield Ventures Corp. - An Important New Discovery Under Way RVC-V Don MacLean
2011-03-31 Pan Orient Energy Corp. - Value with High Impact Exploration POE-V Mark Heim
2011-03-30 EMED Mining Public Ltd. - Reviving the Prolific Rio Tinto Mine EMD-T Jeff Woolley
2011-03-30 New Millennium Capital Corp. - Century-old Tata Steel Embraces New Millennium NML-V Santo Ranieri
2011-03-08 Angle Energy - Viking Oil – An Emerging Angle to this Hybrid Story NGL-T Ken Lin
2011-03-08 Compass Petroleum - Successfully Navigating the Viking Junior Pure Play CPO-V Ken Lin
2011-03-08 Invicta Energy - Emerging Viking Junior Pure Play VCA-V Ken Lin
2011-03-08 Novus Energy - High Torque Viking Focused Junior Light Oil Resource Player NVS-V Ken Lin
2011-03-08 Westfire Energy - Fire On! – Blazing a Trail in the Viking WFE-T Ken Lin
2011-03-03 Forbes Coal - Bursting at the Seams to Increase Production FMC-T Santo Ranieri
2011-03-03 Synchronica PLC - Taking Facebook and Twitter to the Emerging Markets SYN-V Barry Richards
2011-03-03 Medusa Mining - The Cash Flowsfrom Co‐O MLL-T Jon Case
2011-01-20 Nevada Copper Corporation. - No Need for Luck in Nevada NCU-T Jeff Woolley
2011-01-17 YM Biosciences Inc. - New Focus, New Opportunity YM-T Alan Ridgeway
2011-01-17 Labrador Iron Mines - Labrador Retriever -- Re-activating Schefferville LIM-T Santo Ranieri
2011-01-13 Strad Energy Services Ltd. - Equipping an Unconventional Drilling Market SDY-T John Bereznicki
2011-01-06 Realm Energy International Corp. - Building a Large Realm in Europe RLM-V Mark Heim
2010-12-15 Edleun Group Inc. - From Cradle to Grade School EDU-V Spencer Churchill
2010-12-13 Alderon Resources - More Iron Ore, and Right Next Door... ADV-V David Davidson
2010-12-06 Northland Resources S.A. - An Emerging Iron Ore Producer -- How Swede It Is! NAU-T Santo Ranieri
2010-12-01 Poynt Corporation - A Blackberry Super App -- This Could Be Something Big PYN-V Barry Richards
2010-11-30 Northern Superior Resources - A Rainy River Repeat? SUP-V Don Blyth
2010-11-25 Lucara Diamonds Corp. - Near-Term Lucrative Opportunities LUC-V David Davidson
2010-11-24 Champion Minerals Inc. - An Emerging Champion in a Land of Giants CHM-V David Davidson
2010-11-18 Selwyn Resources - Awakening a Giant in the Yukon SWN-V David Davidson
2010-11-04 Petro Uno Resources - As Rare as Hen’s Teeth - An Undervalued Oil Opportunity PUP-V Lyndon Dunkley
2010-11-01 Celestica Inc. - Working Its Way Out of the Box CLS-T, CLS-N Gabriel Leung
2010-10-27 Air Canada - Business Is Good AC.B-T Corey Hammill
2010-10-27 LNG Energy Ltd. - Chasing Elephants in Unconventional Areas LNG-V Mark Heim
2010-10-27 Route1 Inc. - Charting A New Course In the Fast Lane ROI-V Spencer Churchill
2010-10-21 Secure Energy Services Inc. - Don’t Waste a Great Opportunity SES-T John Bereznicki
2010-10-21 Paladin Labs Inc. - A Strong Combination of Growth and Cash Flow PLB-T Alan Ridgeway
2010-10-19 Mirasol Resources Ltd. - Explorer with Two Promising Silver Discoveries MRZ-V Don MacLean
2010-10-18 Copper Mountain Mining - More of a Mountain than a Molehill CUM-T David Davidson
2010-10-18 Creston Moly Corp. - Riding on the Crest of Molybdenum’s Next Big Move CMS-V Santo Ranieri
2010-10-14 Golden Minerals - An Impressive Silver Discovery Unfolds In Argentina AUM-T Jon Case
2010-10-05 Pinecrest Energy. - Proven Team Exploiting Proven Technology PRY-V Lyndon Dunkley
2010-09-13 Webtech Wireless Inc. - A New Beginning WEW-T Barry Richards
2010-09-13 BNK Petroleum - Not Your Conventional Story BKX-T Mark Heim
2010-09-08 Kinross Gold - Red Back - A Transformational Acquisition At Hand K-T Don MacLean
2010-09-08 Calmena Energy Services Inc. - Local Presence, Global Potential CEZ-T John Bereznicki
2010-09-01 Continental Nickel Ltd. - Focused on a Doubling of Resources CNI-V Santo Ranieri
2010-09-01 Iberian Minerals Corp. - Emerging Copper-Zinc Producer in the Spanish Pyrite Belt IZN-V Jeff Woolley
2010-08-23 Eastern Platinum - Ready for a Rally ELR-T Jon Case
2010-08-16 PNI Digital Media Inc. - Moving Up the Value Chain PN-V Gabriel Leung
2010-07-28 Imperial Metals corp. - On the Forefront of the Copper Mining Resurgence in B.C. III-T David Davidson
2010-07-26 RuggedCom Inc. - Frosting Removed Reveals Hardened Core RCM-T Spencer Churchill
2010-07-16 MOSAID Technologies Inc. - The Long Arm of the Law MSD-T Barry Richards
2010-07-12 Mirabela Nickel Ltd. - Joining the Ranks of Being a Nickel Producer MNB-T David Davidson
2010-07-12 Kaminak Gold Corp. - Instant Coffee KAM-V Jon Case
2010-07-12 Oncolytics Biotech - Virus Mediated Cancer Therapy – A Potential Game Changer ONC-T Alan Ridgeway
2010-07-08 CAE Ltd. [Re-Initiation] - Late Cycle Recovery Play, With A Growth Twist CAE-T Gabriel Leung
2010-07-08 Armtec Infrastructure - Earth, Wind & Pipe ARF.UN-T Corey Hammill
2010-07-08 Sabina Silver & Gold - A Goose Well Worth Chasing! SBB-V Don MacLean
2010-07-06 Etrion Corp. - Jump on the Solar Power Growth Curve! ETX-T J. Marvin Wolff
2010-06-14 IMRIS Inc. - The Market Leader in MRI-Guided Therapy IM-T Alan Ridgeway
2010-06-08 Resverlogix Corp. - Cleaning up Arteries RVX-T Claude Camiré
2010-06-01 Bellamont Exploration Ltd. - Conventional Oil Growth Opportunities Abound BMX-T Dan Payne
2010-05-18 ATAC Resources Ltd. - A High Grade Discovery in the Yukon ATC-V Jon Case
2010-03-03 QHR Technologies. - Just What The Doctor Ordered QHR-V Gabriel Leung
2010-03-03 Redknee Solutions - Paying the Bills RKN-T Barry Richards
2010-02-26 Immunovaccine - The Decade For Vaccines IMV-V Claude Camiré
2010-02-25 Renegade Petroleum - New Kids Returning to Their Block RPL-V Lyndon Dunkley
2010-02-24 Daylight Resources - Growth Oriented Trust - Ideally Suited for Conversion DAY.UN-T Dan Payne
2010-02-05 Active Control Technologies - Bringing The Internet To Mines ACT-V Barry Richards
2010-02-03 Trinidad Drilling - Never One to Sit Still TDG-T John Bereznicki
2010-02-01 Mineral Deposits Ltd. - A Strategic Chess Piece in West Africa MDM-T Jon Case
2010-01-20 Stornoway Diamond Corp. - Quebec...The Next Diamond Frontier SWY-T David Davidson